Journey to a Blacker, Brighter Future

Into the Mother Lands is a new sci fi odyssey funded & supported by Twitch, developed by a fantastic team of POC RPG designers, with amazing POC talent both on screen and working hard behind the scenes to bring you a tale of misguided travels, adventurers led astray many generations past. Join us on October 4th, 2020 and every Sunday; to learn how the descendants of a to be revealed ancestor are faring on a world that was once alien to them; but is now home. Learn about their cultures, see what their enemies are plotting, and if they can continue to survive on their adopted home world. Our crew is in for interesting times. Their streamed adventures are powered by the Cortex Prime system.

Join us at twitch.tv/cypheroftyr, Wednesdays at 4pm Pacific/6pm Central/7pm Eastern/5pm Mountain for our adventures!

Follow the shows adventures on twitter @MotherlandsRPG  Contact the show runners at motherlandrpg@gmail.com

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