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A quick FAQ cause folks still are asking and assuming some things about the game and stream. This is a new sci-fi setting, it is a table top role playing game, aka a TTRPG. NOT a video game, not a board game, etc. Just because Twitch is involved does not automatically mean it’s a videogame. The crew, cast and developers are all Black & POC. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch or enjoy it if you’re not Black or POC. We’ve already been asked if you can play it as a white person. That’s just a silly question.

We keep getting asked, despite tweeting it out and on our Creative Director’s account that there will be a VOD. YES, there will be a Twitch VOD accessible immediately after the stream ends. Twitch VODS are viewable immediately at: If you can’t or don’t want to watch the Twitch VOD, then it will be uploaded to YouTube a couple days after the episode airs live. Follow and subscribe here:

We’ve been asked if there’s a Patreon or anything to fund going beyond the first 12 episodes. Currently, no. If you want to see more of the show, and make sure everyone gets paid, we may do a Go Fund Me, IndieGoGo or put out a Ko-Fi. We’ve also been asked when the book will be out so people can play it. At the earliest? 2021, as we need more folks involved, and to find a publisher. Once the stream is over, we’ll publish a Quick Start PDF with our streamed adventure & a new adventure not seen on stream.

We talked about this yesterday, but to have it one spot. Currently there is no plan for a podcast version. However, if budgeting allows and we can find a talented Black or POC podcaster that has space & time to do the work, we’ll consider it. All that said, we’re excited for tonight and bringing you the story of the Mother Lands. We’re also trying to temper hype and over expectations that some folks have asked. See you at 4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET/12am BST

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