Pronunciation and World Guide

There are some new words with the Motherlands, including the cultures and locations! We have a living pronunciation guide that will evolve as the game grows!


Haathorei (Ha-tho-ray): Elephant like, 7-12 foot tall people, native to planets around Vutoa (the indigenous name for the Mother Lands)

Hapaloch (Hap-uh-lock): Pale, cephalopod figures, that live in subterranean lakes and bodies of water.
Hyaenole (High-yuh-knowll): Hyena-like humanoids that are natives to the Motherlands.
Mansegene (Man-suh-gen-ay): Created centuries ago as companions to the Ancients, these ceramic and silicone androids are truly sentient, and have evolved an entire society and culture of their own.
Misajai (Me-SAH-jai): Musalians who choose to ritually bind themselves to a symbiote native to this world in their teen years, forming a bond that allows them to Share someone’s thoughts, experiences and emotions via touch.
Musalians (moo-SAH-lee-ins): After arrival in the motherland the musalians were first approached by the people called the Hyaenole. The descendants of Mansa Munsa.
Progenitor (Pro-jeh-nuh- tr): Divine beings that do exist in a physical form in the Motherlands.
Solanci (So-LAWn-see): The evolved plant-like hybrids who have adopted and changed from originally being Musalians.


Aminari (Ah-mi-nah-re): A Solanci founded city also called “The viridescent city”. The city was built on a massive hill and because of this has been built into layers all piled up.
Ha-Linz (Ha-LINz: ): A Hyaenole founded city home to the massive archive of Primatbe. The city itself floats due to a magnetic current that keeps the entire city levitating 
Kataam (Kuh-tahm): An area of widespread grasslands. Expensive plains. A tropical area with small or dispersed trees and this makes it so that sunlight consistently does reach the ground.
Malisuuna (Ma-lee-soon-ah): A Musalian founded city. One of the most notable buildings is a large black dome seen near the center, the onyx moon theatre.
Nuul nuual (new-l new-al):
One of the first areas recommended by the Hyaenole for where to settle. In some ways it is visually similar to Kataam, with large areas that are grasslands.
Osalomm (O-sah-lowm): A desert area that thrives with a variety of life and in rare times you may find the occassional oasis. There are rivers that run through this desert area and many of them converge in a single place which is where the city of Aminari was founded.
Primatbe (Pre-mawt-bay): An archive dedicated to different trade skills and stories of different crafts across different worlds.
Vutoa (Vuh-toe-uh):  Name of the planet they live on called this by the Hyaenole but Musalia was a name adapted later by the Musalians.

In the pronunciation if it would be a soft g we pronounce it with the j phonetically, if it’s a hard g it appears as a g in the pronunciation.

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