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Mother Lands RPG on Kickstarter


A thousand years ago, African Emperor Mansa Munsa sent an expedition to “the New World” that never arrived.  In the mythos of Into the Mother lands, these explorers were instead transported to a strange new world far, far away. 

Over the centuries, the descendants of Mansa Munsa still struggle to flourish on Musalia, a world that was once alien to them but is now home. In this all-new TTRPG, you’ll learn about their diverse cultures, see what terrifying enemies await them, and find out if they can continue to survive on their adopted homeworld. 

The possibilities are endless…

What is this RPG

Journey into a brighter, blacker future with Into the Mother lands, a brand-new sci-fi odyssey role-playing game, developed by a fantastic team of POC RPG designers. 

Set on the adopted home planet of Musalia, where humans arrived over 1500 years ago, fans of Wakanda and Star Trek will find a comfortable fit in this universe. Players can play as a descendants of the alien culture that called Musalia home before humans arrived, or as one of the cultures that evolved from the blending of human and alien technology over the centuries. Gameplay focuses on cultures, skills and values, so your character’s abilities are built around what they’re good at and what they care about to ensure a fully invested outcome. 

Into the Mother lands offers amazing POC talent to bring you a tale of interstellar exploration and adventurers led astray many generations past.

What to Expect

The Cultures of The Mother Lands


Descendants of the original humans displaced to Musalia. To the indigenous cultures , they’re Outsiders, but the Musalians have an interesting notion of their cultural identity.


When looking at the Hyeanole, the first thought would be Hyena–but with a humanoid shape. They are so much more: they’re  scholars, lore masters, mages and teachers, and they are held in high esteem by both the Musalians and the originating species/groups of this world.


The ultimate reminder of the technological advancement of the Ancient Musalians is no doubt the existence of the Mansegene. Created centuries ago as companions to the Ancients, these ceramic and silicone androids are truly sentient, and have evolved an entire society. and culture of their own.


Humanoid-plant hybrids.Over the ages, some of the flora inhabiting these planets became predatory and dangerous. Many humanoids studied these plants, and when the plants infected them, some evolved directly with the plants themselves.


Musalians who choose to ritually bind themselves in their teen years to a symbiote native to this world. Their bond enables them to Share another’s thoughts, experiences and emotions via touch. The Misajai are often engaged as healers, but sometimes as law keepers because one’s deepest thoughts cannot be hidden from the misajai.

Professions of The Mother Lands

Bio Priest – A kind of android high priest healer, in touch with techno- deities.

Blade Keeper – Keep your blade sharp, your wits sharper, and your senses sharpest.

Spine Ripper – They learn to use any weapon within reach,  and are never without a way to defend themselves.

Light Bringer – A combat medic that channels their power through a sword or fist.

10-2’s – Pilots and speed junkies.

And Many More!

Locations of The Mother Lands


Known as Vutoa to the locals, and Musalia to the human inhabitants, it is a beautiful blue gem in the void of space. It is home to multiple cultures, and is the central setting for Into the Mother lands.


A Hyeanole-founded city that is home to the massive library of Primatbe,  an archive dedicated to trade skills and stories of crafts across different worlds. This massive city of marble and gold floats above a chasm with bridges connecting to it from all sides. Ha-Linz itself floats due to a magnetic current that keeps the entire city levitating. There’s even a rumor that it can move, but it has not done so for years. Ha-Linz is found in Kataam.


A Musalian-founded city. One of its most notable buildings is a large black dome seen near the center, the onyx moon theatre. A place where many from near and far come to tell their stories using a presentation technology that broadcasts their thoughts as images. The architecture of Malisuuna was intentionally designed with both distance and community in mind, offering plenty of common areas, gardens, and plentiful waterways.

To Adventure!

Into the Mother lands is a complete sci-fi TTRPG that will let you create brave new heroes exploring unique lands and undiscovered worlds.

Quickstart Guide

All Backers will receive a Quickstart Guide to the Into the Mother lands RPG with basic rules and pregen characters to get up and running quickly.


Contains All the rules you need to play the full version of the Into the Mother lands RPG

Deluxe Edition

The Sourcebook plus Atlas of Worlds, Cultures Guide, and Gamemaster tools for advanced play

Pledge Tiers

$10 Tier

  • Digital Quickstart Guide

$25 Tier

  • Digital Quickstart Guide
  • Sourcebook

$50 Tier

  • Digital Quickstart Guide
  • Sourcebook pdf
  • sourcebook Hardcopy

$75 Tier

  • Digital Quickstart Guide
  • Deluxe Sourcebook pdf
  • Sourcebook Hardcopy
  • Special Edition Dice Set
  • Atlas of World + Culture Guide

$125 Tier

  • Digital Quickstart Guide
  • Deluxe Sourcebook pdf
  • Deluxe sourcebook Hardcopy
  • Special Edition Dice Set
  • Atlas of World + Culture Guide
  • Playtester access

$250 Tier

  • Digital Quickstart Guide
  • Deluxe Sourcebook pdf
  • Deluxe sourcebook Hardcopy
  • ALL Special Edition Dice Sets
  • Atlas of World + Culture Guide
  • Foldout World Map + Map Pack
  • Set of premium Character sheets
  • Playtester access
  • Adventure written by B Dave Walters


$15 – Special Edition Dice Set made by Die Hard Dice

Choose from 7 Special Edition Dice Sets after the project is complete.

$30 – Custom Character Sheets + Fold-Out Map Pack

Custom Character Sheets + Fold-Out Map Pack by Master Cartographer Aaron Radney

Stretch Goals

$60k – Add-On Bertrand Plushie

The most wonderful space engineer companion that you will want to bring on all your adventures!

At the first  stretch goal we will be adding this Bertrand Plushie as an add-on available to everyone.

$75k – Bonus Introductory Adventure

An original introductory adventure for 4-6 players will be included free for all tiers.

$100k – Add-On Enamel Pins

Enamel Character Pins as an Add-On! Get your hands on these unique character pins of your favorite Into The Mother Lands Characters!

$125k – Add-On Art Print Mini Pack

Pack of 5×8″ prints featuring art by Nikki Dawes, Natalia Bacetti, and other fantastic artists contributing to the Into the Motherlands Sourcebook!

$150k – Into The Mother Lands Slipcase

All physical copies of into the mother lands will come with a beautiful slipcase to keep your sourcebook looking fabulous wherever you go!

$200k – Expanded Beastiary

A new and expanded range of beautiful, TERRIBLE creatures to surprise and challenge your group at every level will be included in all versions of the book!

$225k – One-Shot Adventures

A series of short adventures you can run in a single session to help you and your players explore the all new setting of Into the Mother Lands added for all tiers!

$250k – Original Comic Book

An original 10-page Into the Mother Lands Comic Book written by B. Dave Walters will be added to all tiers!

$265k – All-New Psionics System

There is more to Into the Mother Lands than technology! We will be adding to both versions of the Sourcebook our original system of Psionics and new Professions that can make use of unlimited POWER!

$275k – Audio Adventure Logs

New short, in-character recordings to give you insight into the Cultures and Professions that you can use to bring the story to life at your table will be included in all tiers.

$285k – Expanded Comic Book

Our original comic written by B. Dave Walters will be expanded from 10 pages to a full-length 22 page book! 

$300k – Build Your Own Ships!

New rules to design your own vessel to take to the seas, skies, and stars will be included in both versions of the Sourcebook!

Goals & Costs

Making an RPG is a complex and Multifaceted project.  Coordinating writers, artists, cartographers, and designers is a full time job. The $50,000 funding goal is the minimum amount required to create a quality project we’ll all be proud of. That said, Whatever we generate past that goal will enable us to create a richer, fuller final product. 

Also, the amount raised will determine if we license an existing TTRPG’s mechanics, or create something all-new and uniquely Mother lands. 

About Us

Tanya Depass

Tanya DePass is the founder and Director of I Need Diverse Games, a not-for-profit organization based in Chicago, which is dedicated to better diversification of all aspects of gaming. I Need Diverse Games serves the community by supporting marginalized developers attend the Game Developer Conference by participating in the GDC Scholarship program, helps assist attendance at other industry events, and is seeking partnership with organizations and initiatives.

B. Dave Walters

B. Dave Walters is a Storyteller & proud Scoundrel American. He is best known as the writer and co-creator of Electropunk and Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish for IDW comics, creator and DM of the Darkened Wish streaming show for Wizards of the Coast, and DM of Idle Champions Presents for CNE Games and the Black Dice Society. He plays Baron Victor Temple on Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night, and Freely on Heroes of the Planes.

Gabe Hicks

Gabe Hicks is an independent game designer for digital and tabletop. He’s currently working on a Goblin Dating Sim called Hidden Treasures, created the CMM an alternate creation tool for 5e focused on narrative and the class itself, which has been downloaded over 10,000 times and been featured on multiple shows and even the Roll20 marketplace. He has worked with Roll20, Paizo, Shadow Health, MageHandPress, MCDM, Grim and Perilous, and more.

Jasmine Bhullar

Jasmine “ThatBronzeGirl” Bhullar is an actress, internet personality and content creator best known for her daily livestreams on Twitch as well as the many role play productions she has been a part of. She is not only an experienced tabletop RPG player, but a skilled Game Master as well. She got her start on Geek and Sundry by writing and GMing the Starter Kit for Vampire: the Masquerade, which led to her playing the infamous Beryl the Brutal on Relics and Rarities.

Eugenio Vargas

Eugenio Vargas is the producer and Dungeon Master for an actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast called The Last Refuge. Three years in, the podcast has over 150 episodes and has been acknowledged and supported by industry leaders such as Wizards of the Coast and D&D Beyond.  Eugenio designs and edits adventures and monsters for the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Role-playing Game. He is also on the design team for the upcoming tabletop role-playing game, published by Green Ronin Publishing, based on N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy.

Venessa B.

Vanessa B, also known as PleasantlyTwstd, is a Charity Success Manager at Tiltify, and a part time charity streamer on Twitch. Her focus is on cultivating community, with an emphasis on activism efforts surrounding Black and LGBTQIAP2+ communities.  The content she creates ranges anywhere from friendly, casual baking streams, to no-hit runs of Dark Souls 3.  PT got her start in gaming at an early age with a passion and emphasis on character concept and design. Now, she does freelance work for streamers on Twitch in conjunction with her streaming schedule.

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