Into the Mother Lands is getting a lot of Press! Check out some of our coverage – Cortex Prime: Everything You Need to Know about the New RPG System

Created by Cam Banks and published by Fandom, Cortex Prime offers a the tools fans need to bring the world of their dreams to life. When a mechanic works on an engine, they use tools that work on that engine, but works for one engine doesn’t necessarily work for them all. That’s why mechanics have lots of tools, so they can work on every engine that enters their shop. Cam Banks’ and Fandom’s newest iteration of the Cortex system, Cortex Prime takes that best-fit tool approach and applies it to role-playing games. The new core rulebook, a “multigenre, modular, roleplaying toolkit” is out now, and expectations are high. Read more at

Venture Beat – Into the Mother Lands interview: Twitch invests in an RPG show led by people of color

Critical Role has played an important roll in the rise of actual play RPG livestreams and podcasts, turning these from a niche to a major player in the streaming ecosystem. According to measurement firm StreamElements, viewers watched an aggregated 19.5 million hours of such shows on Twitch an YouTube, a 1,142% increase over 2018. 2020’s numbers are likely higher.

And one of the best of these actual play shows is Rivals of Waterdeep, a Wizards of the Coast-backed project. It started in 2018 in conjunction with Dungeons & Dragons‘ Waterdeep: Dragon Heist storyline. It’s now in its 8th season, and the project features some of what I consider the deepest role-playing you can find in any D&D show.

Tanya DePass is one of the Rivals‘ players. And she’s teaming up with B. Dave Walters, whose credits include the transmedia Electropunk projectA Darkened Wish (an actual play show with a comic book series from IDW Publishing), the documentary project Dear America, from a Black Guy (which seeks to talk about the Black experience in the U.S., racism, and the need to listen and treat each other with respect), andvarious other video and gaming projects. They’re teaming up for a unique RPG project: Into the Mother Lands, which launched with an actual play broadcast on Sunday. It airs at 4 p.m. Pacific on Sundays on Twitch.

Into the Mother Lands is landmark for several reasons. First, it’s a Twitch-sponsored project, showing that livestreaming companies realize that they need to invest in the content creators that grew their platform. Twitch also left all the decisions to DePass, giving her and her team full control over the project. They’re making a tabletop RPG for this as well, using the Cortex Prime system.

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NerdistA New Twitch Series will Take You Into the Mother Lands by Kelly Knox

Into the Mother Lands is a brand-new role-playing game coming to Twitch on October 4! Sponsored by Twitch and run on the Cortex RPG system, the unique actual play series promises to be an aspirational science fiction story set on a compelling new world.

Into the Mother Lands Cast

Into the Mother Lands/Cast: Eugenio Vargas, Krystina Arielle, Deejay Knight, Tanya DePass, and Michael Sinclair II

Into the Mother Lands is the brainchild of Creative Director Tanya DePass, who not only conceived the sci-fi concept for the show, but also put together an all-star team both in front of and behind the camera to tell the story. DePass and Lead Developer B. Dave Walters chatted with Nerdist about what we can expect from the upcoming RPG and why they hope it will inspire more players to join their world.

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Tabletop Babble #196- Part of the Don’t Split the Podcast Network ~ Into the Mother Lands – James Introcaso

James Introcaso sits down with Tanya DePass and B. Dave Walters to discuss the new game and stream of Into the Mother Lands. Subscribe on iTunesGoogle Play, or Stitcher. Grab our RSS feed.

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Comic Book ResourceInto the Mother Lands: A Sci-Fi RPG Odyssey from an All-Black & POC Team, Explained E.L Meszaros

The new RPG stream Into the Mother Lands just announced its release this October. This Twitch-funded project looks like a great addition to the wealth of actual-play shows, but much about Into the Mother Lands sets it apart from other representatives of the genre.

Throughout its 12-week run, Into the Mother Lands will tell a sci-fi odyssey using a brand new game based on the Cortex system. Cast members are adventurers who have been making their home on an adopted world after a mysterious ancestor’s misguided travels stranded them there generations in the past. The game promises unique, new cultures, enemy plots and loads of adventure, all brought to life in a new system.


Dicebreaker.comTwitch-funded and POC-created tabletop RPG Into the Mother Lands is launching next month by Alex Meehan

Into the Mother Lands, an upcoming tabletop RPG made by POC creators, is being funded by and launched as an actual play series on livestreaming platform Twitch next month.

A “sci-fi odyssey”, Into the Mother Lands sees players landing on the planet of Musalia 1,500 years after the Emperor Musa discovered the world on a strange detour to the Americas. The tabletop RPG enables players to become one of the descendents of the Emperor himself, or otherwise choose from one of the cultures occupying Musalia – including those that have evolved as a result of human and alien interaction.

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